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Our showroom is in the city of Correggio (RE), once known as the town of the great Italian painter Antonio Allegri, called, indeed, "Il Correggio." Today, although lovely and pleasant, happy and hospitable, our town is known as the town of Luciano Ligabue, aka "Liga." Mala Tempora Currunt.

Our address is: 42015 Correggio, Via Fosdondo No. 90.

The magical building that guards our fireplaces is an antique school, with, on its façade, a monument dedicated to all the martyrs of Correggio, partisans and soldiers of all wars, blameless victims of the lusts for power that still hover around the world today. Usually, those who arrive in front of our exhibition think they have the wrong address (the driver husband blushes in confusion, the wife starts calling him a "good-for-nothing," and so on...) so, to come to the aid of the unfortunate husband, I have described above the external and unmistakable feature of our showroom.

We are available to (and eager to) welcome anyone who would like to visit our warehouse any day of the week, excluding Sundays.

For logistical reasons (we now split into two different locations) and also to better serve our customers, it is convenient to call +39 339 5857758 to arrange an appointment with the owners, Maurizio and Enrico.

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Open Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 12:30 pm / 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

We are happy to welcome those who wish to visit our warehouse any day of the week, excluding Sunday, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

For logistical reasons (our warehouse and restoration workshop is seven kilometers away from our showroom) and also to better serve our customers, it is convenient to call +39 339 5857758 to arrange an appointment with the owners, Maurizio and Enrico.


how to reach us

By car:

We are 13 km from the Reggio Emilia highway exit (recommended exit for those coming from the Milan route) and 14 km from the Carpi highway exit (recommended exit for those coming from the Bologna route).

By rail:

We are 10 km from the MEDIOPADANA High-Speed Station. Those who choose rail (incredibly fast for being Italian) can take advantage of our exclusive Shuttle Service (read chapter SERVICES ) on the outward and return route Mediopadana Station - Artis Showroom.

Location advantages, two more reasons to visit us:

I believe that anyone coming to visit us to see our showroom could, (before, after or while) take advantage of it to enjoy the opportunities that our lands offer...

First added reason:

Food and wine opportunities for the husband.

In fact, there is an old trattoria near us; it has been run by the same family for more than half a century.

It is not one of those places (like Hostaria with the "acca" or those with English name and the most incomprehensible... of those, in short, that you immediately understand that they are going to give you the rip-off).

It is not one of those "trendy" (as they say nowadays? My son suggests "trendy" to me.... But, Enrico, do I write it with an "i" or "y" this trendi?!). No, in that REAL trattoria time seems to have stopped... the chairs are what they were 50 years ago, the tablecloths too (..they are still "good", once they are "sgurate" well, why change them?!), and, most important, the dishes served there are "ancient" too...

Three dishes are truly outstanding: THE gnocco fritto (which in Emilia takes the article "THE" and not the article "LO" as the little red-pen teacher would like... ), pumpkin tortelli, and finally, tortelli alle erbette (tortelli with herbs)... The pumpkin ones are a little bit Mantuan style, that is, with a hint of finely crumbled amaretti biscuits, while the ones with herbs (absolutely no ricotta cheese, just herbs, of which you feel not only the flavor but also the scent) are heavenly, especially when enjoyed without meat sauce but with a simple layer of butter and a shower of parmesan cheese.

I forgot: I recommend you order the pumpkin tortelli with "soffritto", that is, with that sauce that, in the days when there was no money to buy meat, ragout, was made with onion and carrot, a little lard, what you had in the garden or at home, in short.

A hearty "sformaggiata" of Parmigiano Reggiano and you will eat that dish as if you were Alberto Sordi from "An American in Rome" struggling with his mother's "maccaroni"!!! With 20/25 euros you will risk a heart attack, but it will be worth it.

One tip: Don't order everything they offer-you'd never be able to devour that everything unless you're a real trucker!

Second added reason:

Fashionable opportunity for the wife.

SEVENTY OUTLETS, all devoted to luxury clothing, all in the Carpi area (12 km from us, a stone's throw away, many customers have to pass there to get home anyway).

Just as an example, I mention some brands: Blumarine, Gaudi, Liu Jo, Champion, Twinset, Luca Maglierie and Belmondi for cashmere etc... etc...

At the end of the day, even your husband, who perhaps at first will be livid upon hearing your request to visit an outlet store, will eventually be happy because after saving several denarii in the purchase of the fireplace at Artis, he will save more by buying what he/you need directly at the resale of your favorite signature. If in spite of everything your Beloved Good recklessly and futilely tries to resist you, take him to the NAVIGATE outlet and buy him a real (sic...) sea wolf cap, of the "Man Who Never Has to Ask" model, he will be happy and will be quiet.

Below I enclose the link in which you will find those famous SEVEN BUSINESS OUTLETS with opening times, hours, addresses and anything else you may need. Through this site you will be able to plan before your departure which of these outlets are right for you.



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